Sep 202010
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imageNews Headlines

Lucky escape from blast

A MAN was lucky not to be harmed after a ‘signal horn’, carried on commercial fishing vessels for safety turned into a dangerous weapon.

Fishing boat returns after fire
It was the second fishing boat fire in the area in two days. On Friday, a major rescue operation was launched off Shetland after a Norwegian vessel went on

Fire aboard fishing trawler at Northlake Way
Firefighters confined the fire to the deck level, and put it out in little more than an hour. There was a fire aboard the 125-foot commercial fishing vessel

Japan extends detention of Chinese captain arrested over ship
Japan extends detention of Chinese captain arrested over ship collision near disputed islands News – Japan extends detention of Chinese captain arrested

Agencies investigate whale dragged into port
The last report of a collision between a ship and a whale in San Francisco Bay was in 2008, and before that in 2006, Cordaro said.

With Well Sealed, Further Challenges Await BP
BP also faces billions of dollars in fines for polluting the Gulf of Mexico, civil lawsuits brought by oilrig workers and fishermen, and complaints by its

Report into 2008 sinking of ‘Asgard II’ off French coast to be published
The report, by the Marine Casualty Investigation Board, is understood to be completed and will be proof-read and printed in the coming days.

Families not satisfied with report on sinking
By AP A lawyer for the families of two men who died when their fishing vessel sank off Gloucester in 2009 says relatives are not satisfied with the findings

MPCB demands Rs 3 cr from MSC Chitra for clean-up
While MSC has put the blame on Khailijia3 the vessel that it had collided with for the error that led to the accident a formal inquiry by the Directorate

Victims’ relatives in ‘Princess’ sinking still waiting for justice
Her parents sent them text messages asking for prayers upon sensing they may be in danger as big waves and strong winds hit the vessel.

Lontoc added that coast guard also issued guidelines last year on grounding vessels, taking into consideration ship’s weight class.

Other Casualty Reports

Vessel Tracker

The Avalon Imagery collided with the gate of the Hausen lock (Bavaria; Gemany) on her way from Amsterdam to Budapest. One passenger fell from board into the water, 7 other passengers were injured. The lock was closed for 2 hours.

The hurricane Igot forced the Bermuda-bound “Norwegian Spirit” from Boston to change course on Sep 17, 2010, and head for Florida. After forecasters predicted Igor would slam Bermuda this weekend, officials announced that the “Norwegian Spirit”, which left the Black Falcon Avenue port in South Boston in the afternoon, would stop in Port Canaveral, Fla., and Nassau, Bahamas, instead of its original destination. None of the roughly 2,000 passengers on the ship canceled reservations because of the last-minute change.

On Istambul road on September 16 2010 afternoon Turkish general cargo Meziyet Ana collided with Dutch semi-sub yacht transporter Super Servant 4, no spill or water ingress reported.

The “COS Bonny” allided with a dock in the Industry Harbour of Bremen on Sep 16, 2010. The accident happened when the ship tried to turn around with the assistance of three tugs. The police assessed the damaged caused to be around 200 000 Euro. The ship finally departed from Bremen after investigations in the early morning of Sep 17 bound for Rotterdam.

Maritime Bulletin

Maltese-flagged tanker under investigation in Yemen

The crew of a Maltese-flagged ship, Sichem Fenol, is being investigated by Yemen police as a coastguard seized a number of suspected “prohibited materials” which were thrown in Yemen territorial waters on September 17 2010. Di-ve news reported that the Yemen coastguard seized 25 plastic bags, allegedly each bag contained 20 litres of prohibited liquid waste.

The M/T Pazar berthed on the port side the past day 15/09/2010, she was hit by A.H. Floriana by starboard side due to electronic failure, that has just leaving from the shipyard to start trials. Now she goes on berthed at Turia Norte dock in repairs, Valencia port on 18/09/2010.

Italian tanker Granato blackouted while leaving Rotterdam on September 18 and stuck on dam, freed and anchored for survey. Granato IMO 9201774, dwt 7071, built 2000, flag Italy.

Maltese police are investigating a potential case of hijacking at sea involving 16 passengers and three crew members, officials said on Saturday

The cargo ship “Al Jaber 5” from the United Arab Emirates has been missing off Congo. The last contact was at 7.9. The naval authorities of Gabon and Congo searching for vessel. Bourbon Offshore asked to assist.




Piracy: Six people taken hostage at Douala, not two

It’s been confirmed that another four seafarers were taken hostage from a ship in Douala harbour on 12 September, not just the two captured on board the dredger AMERIGO VESPUCCI – see our report HERE

Sarangani gov’t allows arming of fishermen to combat pirates
The provincial government has vowed to equip the local Coast Guard with radios to strengthen the fight against sea piracy. Mr. Dominguez said a distress

Attacks On Piracy Build As UN Backs Shipping Groups
Mr Ban also welcomed the theme chosen by the IMO Council for World Maritime Day 2011, “Piracy: orchestrating the response” which we outlined in June.


Off The Radar

Loch Ness Submarine sells at last

After nearly four years in residence at Cape Town harbour, and at least one previous attempt to auction it, the submarine Taurus was finally sold last week at auction. Despite a claimed value of R4 million and an attempt to open the bidding at R1.5m, the Taurus was bought by Pretoria businessman Henrik Conradie for R725,000.

Underwater cameras in Port Huron reveal hidden mysteries
It’s a plan that has been on Martin’s mind for many years, in fact he installed a stationary camera in a light ship at the Maritime Center seven years ago.

Barge in Guildford saved from sinking
An historic barge, called The Perseverance which has been slowly sinking in Guildford has now been saved. The barge would have been broken up if its owners

Macedonia Unveils Monument of Drowned Bulgarian Tourists
The versions about the cause of the sinking of the ship have to do with overloading (allowing 56 people on board with a maximum of 43 allowed),

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