Aug 092010

Defective grinder

An AB seriously injured two fingers because of a defective angle grinder, bad planning and safety documents in a language he could not understand says Denmark’s Maritime Authority in its report on the incident aboard the general cargo vessel Uno.

The cargo of six cable containers was secured to the tanktops using stoppers of H-section steel beams. The stoppers were to be removed by the crew of the Eno.

It was difficult to work in the space and the angle grinder used by the AB involved had a defective on-off switch and did not turn-off when the tools was let go. While grinding-off a stopper, the grinder slipped and injured the user.

The DMA says: “In defiance of the limited working space, the inexpedient fastening of the cargo stop-pers and the use of the defect angle grinder there were no reflection from crew members involved in the removal of the stoppers regarding the safety of the work.”

Workplace assessments were only in English, a language the crew had difficulty with.

Download the DMA report

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