May 112010


It’s a forehead slapper, but if you want your CO2 extinguisher system to work when needed it might be a good idea to check, right now, that the safety pins have been removed from the cylindre valves.

Yes, it does happen.

Says a Marine Safety Forum alerts: “During an annual certification of critical equipment on a vessel, a contractor identified the safety pins used for transporting and disabling the system on the CO2 Cylinders had not been removed from the valves. This matter was brought to the attention of the Master on the bridge who subsequently removed the pins and informed the company byn incident report form for the identified near miss.


• The CO2 system is inoperable whilst the pins are in position.

• The pins are normally installed in the cylinder as a safety device during the transportation installation and testing phases. They must be removed to commission the system.

• The deficiency had not been identified in the vessel critical safety equipment inspections.

• This specific deficiency had not been identified in the audits carried out on board.


• Every vessel master to immediately attend the CO2 room and personally ensure the vessel has a fully operational system and that no safety pins have been left in the valves. Verification of the check and location of the pins (in or out) when inspected to be forwarded to QHSE as soon as the inspection is completed.

• All vessel masters are immediately requested to arrange a safety moment on the bridge to highlight the importance of reporting deficiencies so we can ensure the vessels are safe.

• Crew are encouraged to constantly search for hazards and deficiencies, reporting them via the hazard report system. If the hazard is identified as high risk, the master is to complete a near miss report and forward to vessel management for action.

• This near miss is a timely reminder for everyone to be attentive to safety, diligent in the inspections, complete PMS and fire rounds and make sure all deficiencies are reported. The more eyes we have looking the safer our working environment will be.

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