Apr 262010

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News Headlines

Queensland May Sink Chinese Ship Damaged on Great Barrier Reef
By Ben Sharples April 25 (Bloomberg) — Maritime Safety Queensland may sink the Shen Neng 1, a Chinese coal carrier pulled off Australia’s Great Barrier

Lower Mississippi River – tank barge explosion

The US Coast Guard issued a news release stating that a tank barge on the Lower Mississippi River near Sunshine, Louisiana exploded while loading benzene. Two workers were reportedly injured. The fire has been extinguished. Air monitoring is being conducted. The incident is under investigation.

Coxswain’s final word on ferry tragedy
Daily Nation
Some people blamed the coxswain and the guards for the tragedy, saying they failed to ensure that the vessel was not overloaded. The vessel was said to have


Other Casualty News


On Apr 25, 2010, the "Nahlin" created waves of about 2,5 metres height which sank the small Hamburg based f/v "Luca" off Wedel on the Elbe at 9.30 a.m. The "Nahlin" was underway towards the Northsea to carry out trials for the Blohm & Voss yard. The skipper of the f/v was thrown onto a dam and slightly hurt.

on Apr 25, 2010, the "Natalia A" suffered an engine blackout near the Eem harbour while departing from Rotterdam. It was taken in tow by the tugs "VS Hamburg" and "Fairplay XVI" and moved back to the Waal harbour where it was safely berthed at 11.15 a.m.

On Apr 25, 2010, at 6.40 a.m. the "Isuzuguwa" was attacked by pirates in 18.05N 064.59E. Two motherships approached the VLCC and sent 1 or 2 skiffs, firing at the tanker with AK and RPG. The vessel called the Indian Coast Guard, but didn’t get any answer, vessels in the vicinity re-sent the messages of the "Isuzuguwa", but didn’t get any reply either. Calls for help lasted for about 40 minutes and then the radio transmissions suddenly stopped.

On Apr 25, 2010, at 07.40 a.m. pirates attacked the "Bunga Melati" with one skiff with four armed persons on board in the Indian Ocean. The attack lasted for about an hour, and then the pirates retreated, as the Indian Navy sent a helicpoter. The "Bunga Melati 7" escaped.

The "Arctic Sea" departed from Valletta, Malta on Apr 21, 2010, after having been sold to the Canadian Great Lakes Feeder Lines. The ship had been hijacked in the Baltic Sea in July 2009 what was only remarked after it failed to reach Bejaia on Aug 2 coming from Pieatersaari with lumber. On Aug 17 it was freed from hijackers by the Russian navy and towed to Noworossisjk, while, however, the role of the crew remained mysterious. On Oct 31, 2009, the ship berthed at Valletta.

The "Maersk Miami" was towed to the pilot station Jebel Ali by tug "Smit Langawi" with a Smit Salvage Team on board after having suffered an engine room fire off Goa. The ship safely docked at Jebel Ali Port with the assistance of 6 harbour tugs on 22 April 2010 6 p.m.




EU to push for piracy prosecutions in Africa
Washington Post
The International Maritime Bureau says piracy attacks worldwide fell by more than a third in the first quarter this year thanks to a decline in raids in the

Japan assists Yemen to fight piracy
Yemen Observer
Japanese Government has already provided aid for improving maritime security capabilities of Yemen by inviting Yemen Coast Guard personnel for training in



Off The Radar

Deadly New Russian Weapon Hides In Shipping Container
New York Times
inside could be hidden among other containers on a train or a ship. When required, the roof lifts off and the four missiles stand upright ready to fire.


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