Apr 172010

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News Headlines

Barrier Reef merits improved safety
The Canberra Times
this accident looks like a clear-cut case of human error, as indeed is the case in many serious transport accidents, both maritime and aviation.

CRS – changes in the Arctic

The Congressional Research Service (CRS) issued a report on Changes in the Arctic. It notes that, with the diminishment of ice-cover in the Arctic Ocean, human (and particularly commercial) activity in that region has increased. As one of the five Arctic coastal nations, the United States has significant economic and environmental interests in the Arctic. It is in the best interests of the United States to devote increased attention to that region. R41153


Other Casualty News


On Apr 16, 2010, the rescue boat “Harald V” found a piece of debris of the “Sollifjell” drifting in the sea off Trøndelag which broke lose on Mar 24 when the ship suffered a mishap underway from the building yard Båtservice Mandal AS to Harstad. Parts of the tunnel between the catamaran hulls had separated with a bang by unknown reasons, and the ship had to enter Bud south of Kristiansund. The triangeled piece was recovered and will be part of the investigation regarding the incident.

The Nigeria Customs Service on Apr 15, 2010, arrested and detained the “Maersk Nashville” laden with toxic waste. The vessel is operated by American President Lines, APL, a wholly owned subsidiary of a Singapore based Neptune Orient Lines, and had in its hold, among other things, 70 storage (led) batteries classified as Basel codeA1180 and broken televisions. The ship’s agent was detained at the intelligence unit of the Tin-Can Island Command of the Nigeria Customs Service.

Three days after the “Malavika” was hit by a barge during unloading operations at Gopalbur thereby suffering a crack in a fuel tank, three hundred workers have successfully carried out a clean-up operation at the Rushikulya beach under the supervision of Coast Guard personnel, almost about 100% of the 8 tons leaked oil is said to have been cleared from the beaches.




Spanish warship destroys pirate mother ship

15 April, EU NAVFOR Spanish warship ESPS VICTORIA tracked, boarded and destroyed a Pirate mother ship.

This event, just off the coast of Somalia, shows that EU NAVFORs new, more robust strategy is working. On Thursday morning, an EU NAVFOR helicopter, from the Spanish ship Victoria, detected a Whaler with three suspected pirates onboard, just off the Somali coast. Victoria called upon the Whaler to stop but got no response. After warning shots were fired, a boarding was carried out.

On inspection of the whaler large amounts of fuel and ammunition were found. Although the individuals said they were fishermen, no fishing equipment was found. The decision was taken to dispose of the whaler and the three men on board were transported ashore. The whaler was subsequently destroyed.

US destroyer chases pirates who fire RPGs at ship
The Associated Press
Elsewhere off Somalia, a Spanish warship with the EU Naval Force tracked, boarded and destroyed a pirate mother ship on Thursday, the force said in a

Piracy suspects may be in US for trial
San Francisco Chronicle
The evidence included the pirates’ weapons, photographic evidence and proof that small arms fire hit the ship, he said, adding that he didn’t know what the

Somalia pirates undaunted by navy patrols
Washington Post
“What became clear in 2008 and 2009, and continued in 2010, is that Somali maritime piracy is big business,” Mwangura said.



Off The Radar

Titanic diver details exploration of doomed ship
Texas A&M The Battalion
McLaren continued to explain the reasons for the sinking of Titanic. “She sank on her maiden voyage because they were trying to set a speed record across


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