Feb 192010


Gravity can ruin your whole day. It can even make it your last day, which is a matter of concern to the Dropped Objects Prevention Scheme, DROPS, which MAC has mentioned before. Although Full Stop, its monthly newsletter, is targetted mainly at the offshore industry there’s a lot in it for the rest of us, too.

Here’s a list of just some of the hair-raising,or flattening, close-calls recently reported in the UK region:
Two 0.5kg pieces of roller bearing fell 18 metres to the rig floor from the pipe racker upper dolly.

A securing 0.2kg shackle for a derrick racking arm fell to the rig floor.

A 5in drill pipe joint weighting 280kg fell out of elevators because there was no check to ensure elevators were closed.

Two 0.1kg bearing rollers from a fast-line sheave fell morethan 50 metres to the rig floor.

A main block safety latch securing pin, 0.4kg, fell 36m to the pipe deck.

A lifting point failed on deck cover during lift. the cover, weighing 0.6tonne, fell 3m.

After a crane collision, a 0.3kg bracket broke off the crane boom and fell into the basket being lifted.

During bunkering operations, a hose dust cap weighing 1.4kg came free and fell to the vessel’s deck.

While lowering a 10kg package by hand to a standby vessel daughter craft, rope slipped and crew member struck on head by load. 

Three 15kg sheets of insulating cladding fell from a gas turbine exhaust due to corrosion of the banding straps.

Two scaffold boards, weighing 4.9kg and 2.6kg were dislodged by helicopter downdraft and fell 23m.

That stuff can really hurt.

Says DROPS: “Dropped objects can occur everywhere and during any activity. Be vigilant, follow procedures, report all potential dropped objects and save yourself and your colleagues.

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