Feb 052010


Doing a lifting assessment might avoid something spoiling your whole day, like dropping an 18 tonne chunk of steel on your deck, as a Safety Flash from the Marine Safety Forum, MSF, suggests.

During the offload of a supply vessel the squad members were about to lift a riser joint from the deck of the vessel, they attached the riser which was 45ft in length and weighing approx 17-18 ton.

The slings were placed directly onto the crane safety hook, the riser which was heavy at one end due to a double flange came up at a angle, one end was still on the deck whilst the other was approx 5ft off the deck. As the sling stretched (due to the angle) it became detached from the hook resulting in the riser falling back onto the deck.


  • Potential injury due to incorrect slinging of lift (sling position and weight distribution
  • Potential injury due to failure to recognise potential hazard
  • Potential injury due to inadequate supervision of lifting operation

Reaffirm the safe standards for lifting/slinging operations; all relevant personnel must be aware of their responsibility to fully assess lifts prior to offloading.

  • Squad Members must exercise their right to “STOP THE JOB” if they think it’s unsafe.
  • Live Safe Conversation (Toolbox Talk) to be re-visited if concerns are raised.
  • Managers / Supervisors: Please discuss within your respective areas of responsibility.

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