Jan 202010

"Personal flotation device" is not a term that comes immediately to mind

As MAC has observed before, sinking is an undesirable trait in a lifebuoy. This photograph, from a Marine Safety Forum safety alert, makes the point even better.

The problem identified with the Altura 2.5kg appears to be twofold: First, the foam filling of the hard shell has either shrunk or the shell was inadequately filled during manufacturer; Second, the plug is either missing from the hole through which the lifebuoy shell was filled or wasn’t there in the first place. The latter may not be immediately apparent because it is beneath reflective tape.


Core problem: inadequately filled or shrunken core leaves room for water

image As a result, water can enter the shell, negating the buoyancy of the lifebuoy, which can sink.

Check the lifebuoys on your vessel is there water inside? Is it heavier than it should be? Is the plug missing?

Lifebuoys are often overlooked in maintenance checks but they should be checked for integrity.

Source: http://www.marinesafetyforum.co.uk/upload-files//safetyalerts/msf-safety-flash-10.01.pdf

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