Jan 282010

imageMAC doesn’t often get a chance to run an animal tale so here’s two to celebrate The Year of the Seafarer. Both appeared on BBC television news.

First there’s the mutt found floating on an ice floe 24 kilometres out at sea. Says the Beeb: “rescued by the crew of a Polish boat after drifting out to sea on an ice floe into the Baltic sea… Originally mistaking him for a seal, the crew soon realised their error and set out to save the dog.”

They’re looking for the owner. In the meantime, maybe the crew of the Riv Baltica will have a volunteer for the dog-watch.

Then there’s a cat that went missing from Hampshire.

imageIn this case, explains the BBC reporter: A cat that went missing in Hampshire turned up on a cross-channel ferry as it docked at the Spanish port of Bilbao… Owners Tim and Pat Austin from Lee-on-the-Solent noticed that Sandy their ginger tom was missing and it had been stolen.

Luckily the stowaway was discovered by ferry staff before she could escape ashore. She had been fitted in a microchip ID that enabled P&O to track his owners.




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