Dec 112009

MAC first heard about fake Crosby shackles in November 2004 when they were reported from West Africa. Now they have made an appearance in Europe and, needless to say, remain dangerous to anyone using them as part of a lifting/crane operation since they’re likely to fail at around 40 per cent of their claimed load and should be taken out of service immediately.

image image

The most obvious difference is that the counterfeit shackle has the word “CROSBY” all in capital lettering, upper case. The genuine shackle only has the “C” of “Crosby” capitalized.

Other points to look for in deciding whether you have a Crosby Shackle or a copy are:
· On the face,

a) the Crosby Name should be embossed as per the Crosby Logo,

b) The CE mark should appear along with

c) markings of the 45 degree angles

On the rear of the shackle should appear 2 different groupings of IDs (3 for Belgium manufacture) providing full traceability of the shackle.

The pin should also be stamped (d) on the head with a traceable ID number.

Source NEPIA

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