Nov 092009

imageStill got that lump hammer that nearly clobbered you? The Dropped Object Prevention Scheme, DROPS, wants to know – it might find fame in the organisation’s rogues gallery of things that drop from the sky.

DROPS has already installed a large display of actual and potential dropped object items at an Aberdeen Heliport. Examples include ‘rogue’ tools, equipment and scrap items, many of which could have caused a serious injury or fatality if they had fallen and struck personnel below.


This cabinet includes donated items from a number of DROPS member organisations. DROPS wants more to refresh this display regularly, and where appropriate install other display systems in key locations.

Debbie Mecklenburgh, DROPS Global Secretary says: “This is just one of the many methods we employ to raise awareness of the dropped object epidemic we are tackling across the industry. Our colleagues in the Netherlands have a similar exhibit at the Heliport in Den Helder, and with the continuing support of our members we hope to introduce more displays at other key locations.”

Sponsored by Reel Group Limited and installed with the kind permission of Bristow European Operations, the cabinet contents provide a stark reminder to all offshore personnel that we are all exposed to the unnecessary additional risk of dropped objects, no matter where we are or what we are doing.

“We all know the potential cost of a dropped object,” says Russell Ritchie, managing director for Reel Group “It’s not just about equipment and lost production. It’s about life! The problem is common to everyone in the industry, across all regions, sectors and disciplines. The DROPS Rogues Gallery is perhaps one of the best methods of highlighting the wide variety of items that have been found at height in the offshore workplace, reinforcing the need for everyone to be vigilant in identifying and eliminating potential dropped objects before they occur.”

If you have any potential or actual dropped object items that you could share with DROPS and the wider industry, please let DROPS know at or call us on 01224 861811.

All items are displayed anonymously, detailing only the description of the item, its weight and a rough indication of where it was found. Using the DROPS Calculator, we apply a consequence factor.
DROPS Rogues Gallery
Bristows Heliport Reception, Dyce, Aberdeen UK

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