Oct 192009

image Embrace Jessica Watson, regardless of what the ATSB report, to be released on Tuesday says about the wisdom of a 16 year old girl going around the world solo. After all, who, in their right mind really wants to go to sea these days? Don’t tut-tut at her parents, it took them courage and love to allow their daughter to take such a risk but sooner or later parents have to let their children chart their own course – and what ‘wise’ parent would allow their offspring go to sea these days?

She probably made a mistake the first time out but mistakes happen. She’s wiser now, and safer. But that’s not the point. Here’s a teenager, a young woman, who has the capability of reinvigorating that spirit of of adventure that sent so many young men to sea in times past, and sends young women to sea today.

Young men and women that the industry needs today. Seafaring isn’t ‘cool’ these days, but Jessica Watson could make it so – if the industry is wise enough to make her its poster child for a new generation of seafarers.


  2 Responses to “What’s Jessica Watson Doing For The Maritime Industry?”

  1. Dear Bob
    with all due respect I will not support your point of view.
    Yes, spirit of adventure is on point but respect is the other one . Jessica and every adventurer has to understand that
    if you do not respect your ship the sea and your fellow seamen there is no way to successfully complete your voyage.
    After 17 years at sea and 10 years of shore service in the industry this was is and will be my moto:’RESPECT’
    Brgds/Capt KAPSALIS

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