Oct 262009

image Marine Safety Forum has reminded vessel crews to use the harbour’s safe walkways, official access gates and not to take short cuts following two safety breaches in Aberdeen, one of which was a potential fatality.

Says MSF: “A recent Security Breach and Safety Concern at the Northlink terminal (Aberdeen) described how a crew member from an offshore support vessel berthed at Blaikies Quay used the terminal as a ‘short cut’ from Jamiesons Quay.

Access was gained to the secure terminal by traversing along the security fence at the quay edge. This part of the fence is fitted with spikes and a smooth surface to deter any such breaches.

A second incident resulted in a seafarer falling into the dock after trying to swing around a security fence at Blaikies Quay. It was fortunate that the tide was high (reducing the drop) and that there was a quay side ladder very close to where he fell in.

The man was found wandering in a confused state and was eventually delivered safely to his ship by Harbour Board staff.

Both these incidents, which occurred during the hours of darkness when few other people were about, could quite easily have ended in a fatality.

For the Harbour’s Code of Safe Practice use the link below.

http://www.aberdeen-harbour.co.uk/downloads/AHB_COSP.pdf – Northlink Terminal & Blaikies Quay Security Fences


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