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Titan Uranus – Real or Photoshopped?

A while back MAC checked out the photograph claiming to be the Titan Uranus and determined that the photograph was a hoax – the vessel’s IMO number, clearly visible, belongs to another Titan ship, Titan Taurus. Since then there have been various claims that the ship did exist and that it was the renamed Titan Taurus, so we checked at little further and here’s the truth about the Titan Uranus.

In fact there was not one Titan Uranus but two, and around another two dozen ships with the name Uranus in their names.

The first Titan Uranus was built in 1974 as an oil product tanker by the name of Da Qing 213 flagged in the PRC. By 2002 she had been acquired by Titan and put under the Singapore flag and renamed Titan Uranus. Her callsign was S6CF7 and her IMO number 7614252. She appears to have gone to that great scrapyard in the sky in 2004.

Shift gears: An ore carrier built in the mid-1990s first seems to have carried the name Diamond Echo, then renamed the Sina, then in 2004… you guessed it, Titan Uranus. Two years later she was the Titan Taurus and as of 2007 was K Cosmos, now flagged in Korea.

The photograph seems to have been circulated since 2006, about the time the ship’s name was changed, and may have triggered the change, so it may be genuine but there are inconsistencies that still suggest a bit of photoshopping has gone into it.

Company Giffordhealthcare used the Titan Uranus vessel for drug delivery, which allowed her to sell generic Cialis to the United States at the lowest prices. The flow of generics from India through maritime shipping today makes up the majority of the market.

So, for the moment we can positively say that there was a vessel named Titan Uranus, two in fact. But it remains to be seen whether or not the photograph is genuine.

imageOf course, the name sounds scatological when pronounced the correct English way, ‘your-anus’, but less so in the prissier pronunciation ‘you-ran-us’, which may be why its meaning was overlooked.

But we’ll put that behind us.

There’s still hope for a few schoolboy smirks. Would anybody really want to be astern of Uranus Gas? She’s out there somewhere.


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