Aug 032009

Norwegian cargo ship found
The Local
The Langeland’s six-person crew are presumed to have perished in the accident. The vessel is at a depth of around 110 metres in the southern part of the

Cargo ship refloated
Independent Online
off Saldanha Bay on Friday has been refloated and will be assessed on Monday, said South African Maritime Safety Authority spokesperson Sarene Kloren.

Security tight on Spanish resort island
United Press International
Departing flights were delayed, and police searched every kind of vessel, The Times of London reported. The crackdown began Thursday when two officers in

Fires in La Palma; No Cruise Impact
La Palma generally receives less cruise ship traffic than the more popular islands of Tenerife and Gran Canaria. The UK’s Telegraph is reporting that the

Abandoned, damaged ship raises questions
Independent Online
By Henri du Plessis Serious questions have arisen over the sinking of a cargo ship off the Cape coast as the owners of the 22 500 tons of sugar on board


Somali pirates strike again
Put simply maritime security analysts say piracy will continue as long as the financial rewards for a successful hijacking remain so great and Somalia

US to train RP seafarers under new pact forged in Washington
Manila Bulletin
By GENALYN KABILING WASHINGTON, DC – The United States will soon train Filipino maritime personnel as well as seafarers on how to combat piracy in the high

Aid Group to Defend Somali Piracy Suspects, Ensure Fair Trials
3 (Bloomberg) — France-based Lawyers of the World, an international legal aid network, said it will defend 24 Somali piracy suspects held in Kenya,

PCG, cops double efforts vs terror threats
Philippine Information Agency
Discovered by Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) K9 team inside a trash bin in one corner of the ship, the homemade bombs had electric wires connected to an

Under The Radar

Radio chat prompts sacking of ferry crash employee
The Local
He was part of the security staff on board the vessel and should therefore have been taking care of the passengers. He instead chose to contact the radio

The ancient Roman city of Altinum rises from Venice Lagoon
Los Angeles Times
“Archeologists consider it to be like a maritime emporium where traders arrived from all around the Mediterranean.” Altinum had also been famous since the

Divers recover nearly 10 tons of gold, silver from sunken ship
RIA Novosti
Two days later, the abandoned vessel was discovered by a Chilean tugboat, the Beagle, which tried to tow it into port. However The Polar Mist began sinking

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