Jul 192009


Unchecked change of course, an OOW who left the bridge to do paperwork and a lack of an adequate lookout caused the grounding of 805 gwt tanker Maria Soltin early in the morning of 29 March this year according to a report released by the Danish Maritime Authority.

The ship grounded in the Norwegian Archipelago in position 62°00.295’ N – 005°09.719’ E while approaching Målöy. At the grounding the ship suffered leakage, lead-ing to a drastically list. The crew was evacuated to the rubber life raft and subsequently picked up by a rescue vessel from Målöy.

After having ascertained that the ship not would capsize, the crew reentered the ship. There was neither personal injury nor pollution.

Says the English summary: “It is the opinion of the Division for Investigation of Maritime Accidents that the causes to the occupational accident were:
•A change of the course was not thoroughly checked by the OOW
•The OOW left the bridge to attend to paperwork.
•Appropriate lookout was not kept.

The DMA’s Division for Investigation of Maritime Accidents has recommended that the shipping company ensures that the guidelines for lookout at any time is complied with including a skilled designated crewmember to keep lookout during the dark hours and when-ever the circumstances may call for it.

The report is available in Danish here.

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