Jul 022009

Maritime Executive Magazine has released further information on the lifeboat incident we posted earlier. We re-present the incident here:

Note: We now understand that the video is not the AD22 incident (see comments below). It does, however, reprent a fairly typical event of that class.

On June 09, 2009 at around 1400 hrs in calm sea state, AD22 launched its Starboard lifeboat with a crew compliment of 7 persons for a periodic sea trial test. The lifeboat was successfully launched and sailed for 20 minutes. At the conclusion of the test, the lifeboat was re-connected to the davit pendant lines for recovery and stowing. After doing a short load test out of the water, the boat was winched / hoisted by the crew. When the lifeboat was approximately 2 feet from stowing position, the aft pendant hook inadvertently released causing the lifeboat to swing on the foreword pendant, which also released causing the lifeboat to fall in the sea from a height of 65 feet.

The investigation to determine the cause of the accidental release in progress. One person been declared dead upon arrival to the hospital, one in critical condition, and five with various injuries.


  2 Responses to “AD22 Lifeboat Sea Trial Fatal Accident”

  1. This video is not the ad22 incident as it can be clearly seen that this was taken on a vessel and not a jack up rig

  2. Many thanks for pointing that out. On checking our files the original video was circulated by Dennis Barber of Marico Marine with the name of the vessel concerned kept confidential. At about the same time, a safety alert was issued by Step Change In Safety regarding the AD22 incident. Somewhere along the line these two came together and were circulated as a connected item, probably because the alert andthe video appear to match, which was picked up by a number of sources of which this is an example.

    We regret the confusion. Nevertheless, the very fact that such confusion can occur because of the similarity of the incidents should itself, I’d suggest, be reason to examine root causes and the lessons to be learned.