Jan 222009

Just because there are safety procedures in your ship’s safety management system and various bits of bumf aboard doesn’t mean that you can’t develop your own safety system, one that belongs to you and which you use. Say hello to the Risk Ready Reckoner.

The original Risk Ready Reckoner was presented by ‘Frankinuk’ on the excellent Step Change in Safety site. MAC has made a couple of minor changes and converted the original Word format into a PDF.

Print out the first side of a page, then print on the other side of the page. If you use card or a heavy paper and laminate it, use a felt-tip to complete it each time, it should last for a while.

At the very least, you can use it as a memory jogger or cheat-sheet (Codigo if you’re Filipino). At best, use it as part of your personal, formal safety system.

Keep it in your pocket. Each time you’re going to do a job, look over the Risk Ready Reckoner, make it part of your personal job safety assessment.

You must, of course, follow the safety procedures laid down for your ship and job safety assessments should be part of that but all too often they’re overlooked.

Right click here to download your personal Risk Ready Reckoner.

Ckick Here For Your Risk Ready Reckoner


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