Aug 212008

Pirates seize Japanese, Iranian ships off Somalia
The Standard – Hong Kong
Noel Choong of the International Maritime Bureau said pirates opened fire on the Iranian vessel before boarding it. He said that less than an hour later a

Salvage boat in rescue drama
Dorset Echo – Dorchester,England,UK
It was listing heavily on its port side and became beached as an operation got under way to stabilise the vessel. Crew worked through the night and managed\

collision avoided thanks to quick-thinking bureau officials
Shanghai Daily – Shanghai,China
The bureau ordered nearby ships to move out of the Aurora’s way to avoid a collision and sent out patrol crafts to warn the vessel.

CORRECTED-OFFICIAL: Sri Lanka-flagged ship sinks in Bay of Bengal
Reuters India – Mumbai,India
They said the Sri Lanka-flagged vessel Badulu Valley was in collision with an empty, anchored Chinese oil tanker called Heng Zhou, and sank in the Bay of

Trawler accident sparks helicopter rescue
New Zealand Herald – New Zealand
A 25-year-old Kiribati crew member had his fingers crushed in an accident on board the vessel at about 11am. As the vessel was outside the range of

Smoking oil on ship draws fire crews
Ventura County Star – Camarillo,CA,USA
A large column of smoke rose from a cargo ship docked Tuesday in Port Hueneme, sending about a dozen Ventura County firefighters to the scene.

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