Jul 132008

VENUSGAS Chemical Release Contained Within the Ship
By cgnews
The ventilation of the space has no impact on the outlying community. The Coast Guard is working closely with the Occidental chemical facility and the Portland Fire Chief to monitor the situation.

Ship Runs Aground in Brunswick River
By cgnews
The ship’s pilot immediately contacted the Coast Guard after grounding on the north side of the channel. Two towing vessels are alongside to assist in re-floating the Amity Ace. The Coast Guard is sending investigators to the vessel to

Ferry Rams Tender Stern
BoatTEST.com – Stamford,CT,USA
Shortly before the collision, John Daveau said he heard the ferry sounding its horn and felt the ferry trying to slow. Then he saw the Coast Guard vessel

Call from UK saves crew off SA coast
Dispatch Online – South Africa
THIRTY-six crew members were rescued after a Spanish fishing vessel caught fire and sank off the east coast. The Durban-based fishing vessel Galaxy rescued

Greece: Maritime safety questioned
Spero News – USA
The incident, which has been attributed to human error, caused a 20-metre breach in the vessel’s portside hull and prompted the leak of an undisclosed

Somali Pirates Shift to Gulf of Aden
New York Times Blogs – New York,NY,USA
(Images: From IMB live piracy map 2008) It may be hard to tell one pirate attack from another, but a six-month accounting has brought a trend into sharp

Sad homecoming for veteran Pinoy seaman
ABS CBN News – Philippines
The remains of a Filipino seafarer who died following a boiler explosion on a ship in Africa arrived in Manila Friday morning. The sealed casket bearing the

Napoli’s anchor donated to people of Branscombe
Midweek Herald – UK
The anchor from the MSC Napoli – the cargo ship beached off Branscombe’s World Heritage Coast for the past 18 months – is to be unveiled on the seafront as .

Titanium Safelaunch Lifeboat Release Hooks
Superyacht News – Ringwood,England,UK
Survival Craft Inspectorate Ltd (SCI) is now offering its Safelaunch failsafe on/off load lifeboat release hook mechanism in titanium.


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