May 232008

Ocean 8 Sinks in Berkley SoundKorean Fishing Vessel Ocean 8 has sunk in Berkley Sound on Monday, 19 May 2008 at approximately 1000hrs LMT.

Prior to the sinking the vessel, which had been at anchor at a position of 51.33.854S and 057.54.27W, was reported to be drifting and fires had flared up aboard the vessel.

Report: CG safety inspectors unqualified – Springfield,VA,USA
Maritime casualties are the only type of transportation accident over which the NTSB doesn’t have automatic authority, she said.

Norway disaster: NCL fined $14.75M

NORWEGIAN Cruise Line (NCL) will pay $14.75M in fines and compensation over the May 2003 boiler explosion on the Norway that killed eight crew and seriously injured 10. It was previously reported that NCL pleaded guilty to a Class A misdemeanor of operating the ship in a “grossly negligent manner”, which carries a statutory fine of $500,000. However, a source in the US Attorney’s Office told Fairplay that given the severity of the incident, there was legal leeway to double the fine to $1M. NCL has been ordered to pay the $1M fine by close of business tomorrow.

Man overboard ‘may not have worn life jacket’
ABC Regional Online – Australia
An inquest – which started today in Cairns – will try to determine how the accident occurred despite maritime safety procedures.

Dinner boat goes under
NECN – Newton,MA,USA
When he returned, he found the boat sinking. Morgan managed to get off the docked vessel and remove the pump just before the boat sank.

Maritime Global Net – Warren,RI,USA
MULTI-modal marine insurer the TT Club says that the UK’s Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) recent report into the MSC Napoli incident has backed

Tricolor ‘17% liable for its sinking’

THE Tricolor is 17% liable for its December 2002 sinking in the English Channel in a three-way incident involving the Kariba and Clary, a US district court has held.

Judge Harold Baer of the US District Court for the Southern District of New York ruled today that the Kariba and Clary were 63% and 20% liable, respectively. Judge Baer also held that the Tricolor’s speed was a proximate cause of the collision, but the ship’s liability is limited. The Clary’s liability, however, is not limited under the Limitation of Liability Act.

Difficult to explain rise in deaths
Sydney Morning Herald – Sydney,New South Wales,Australia
Eleven of the 18 deaths resulted from crashes in the past 14 months: the collision between a ferry and the Merinda which killed four; the power boating

Ship hijack: India seeks Jordan’s help, US offers aid
Hindustan Times – India
The US Navy has offered all help to free the vessel and crew. “Indian authorities are in touch with Jordan’s foreign ministry and transport ministry

Nigeria becomes world piracy ‘hotspot’
According to the International Maritime Bureau (IMB), Nigeria accounted for 10 of the 49 attacks registered worldwide in the first quarter of 2008,

Bravery awards for ship rescues
BBC News – UK
Coastguards Mark Rodaway and Peter Pritchard will receive awards from Prince Charles for their work after the MSC Napoli was grounded in 2007.

AOTOS Award winners named
Marine Log – New York,NY,USA
The recipients will share the evening with a group of American seafarers who will be honored for specific acts of bravery at sea. Since the formation of the

A cargo ship on the Holy Loch is at the centre of an industrial dispute involving its Eastern European crew.


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