Feb 252008

13 Die in Boat Crash in Amazon River
Prensa Latina – Havana,Cuba
Brasilia, 22 Feb (Prensa Latina) The authorities and first aid lifesavers reinitiated the search for people disappeared during the shipwreck of the ship of 

25 Indians on board Panama vessel feared dead
Hindustan Times – India
The life raft breaks away from the ship when it starts sinking 10 metres. India plans to send an observer wherever the investigation into the episode takes 

Probe underway into collision between ferry and oil rig
South Tyneside Today – UK
An emergency maritime operation was launched just after 1.30pm yesterday after the DFDS Seaways vessel King of Scandinavia slipped its birth at Northumbrian 

Currents impede search for crew / 2 fishermen missing since crash
The Daily Yomiuri – Osaka,Japan
The search for the two fishermen who went missing after their boat collided with a Maritime Self-Defense Force destroyer early Tuesday has grown

Marine safety experts: Surveillance on Atago lax
The Daily Yomiuri – Osaka,Japan
from a large ship. However, by keeping a sharp lookout, it’s possible to spot a fishing boat from as far away as four kilometers.” The Marine Accident 

24 sue over Seaport Taxi’s capsizing
Baltimore Sun – United States
Among those filing suit was the vessel’s mate. Suits were filed against the operator, Living Classrooms Foundation. Only the captain did not join in the 

Ministry to standardize autopilot use on ships
The Daily Yomiuri – Osaka,Japan
The Defense Ministry will likely set down standards on the use of autopilots on Maritime Self-Defense Force ships after the use of such systems was shown to 

Man indicted in connection with ship accident
San Francisco Chronicle – CA, USA
Four days after the accident, Cox made a false statement in a report to the Coast Guard about whether he possessed a license, the indictment said.

VideoRay Releases Images of Ship Grounding
VideoRay Releases Images of Ship Grounding. 04/20/2006. VideoRay LLC released what is believed to be the first images taken underneath a grounded cruise 

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