Feb 052008


The Viking Islay

Mary-Laura O’Brien, granddaughter of Bob O’Brien, on of the three casualties of the Viking Islay incident has responded to the Chain Locker Assassin post:

“My grandad was one of the three men that was killed in the Viking Islay accident. I say “accident” lightly as i cannot comprehend the fact that such a small matter of having a alarm in place could have prevented this from happening, shipping companies (Vroon offshore in particular) have alot to answer for if they cannot even manage to obide within simple health and Safety laws. No one should die of something so preventable. It makes me sick just thinking about it. I hope that some good may come of this tragity in highlighting the need for far tighter and stricter health and Safety laws.”

Bob O’Brien,59, from Leven in Fife, was a coxswain aboard the 53 metre emergency response and rescue vessel Viking Islay supporting the Ensco 92 drilling rig on BP’s Amethyst Field in the Southern North Sea when the accident occurred.

Along with two others, Finlay MacFadyen, 46, from Aberdeen and boatman Robert Ebertowski, 40, from Gydnia, Poland, he entered the vessel’s anchor locker on the tween deck to secure anchor chain, leading to deaths of all three.

anchor locker Viking Islay
Three men entered the anchor locker
The Maritime Accident Investigation Branch is currently investigating the incident.
While we cannot comment until the final report is released, the fact is, as Ms. O’Brien says, No one should die of something so preventable.

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