Sep 112007

(NOTE: The IMB has now removed the reference to the Inventus, this page remains for record purposes only)

I hate to be critical of the IMB, an outfit I’ve known since since the days of Eric Ellen but why is it still promoting something that doesn’t apparently exist?

This is what the IMB says:

Inventus UAV

The Inventus UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) is a state-of-the-art reconnaissance system packaged in a highly efficient, highly stable flying wing form. Outfitted with cameras, the Inventus flies and covers a large ocean area and relays a real-time data link back to the ground station. This link provides real-time aerial surveillance and early warning of suspect or unauthorised craft movements to the coastal or law enforcement authority. Developed by Lew Aerospace, the Inventus is fully autonomous and can be launched and recovered even from a seagoing or patrol vessel. There are gas and electric formats and both fly in all weather conditions. Endorsed by the IMB the Inventus is yet another tool to aid in the maritime effort in its fight against piracy. For more information please visit

I did visit. It doesn’t work, the link is dead. After some searching I find it looks something like this:

Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? But the link doesn’t work. No mention of the IMB on Lew Aerospace’s website eitherYou can find out more about the device from the Lew Aerospace website at

It certainly has to be a lot cheaper than the well-weaponed $1bn US ship that let kidnappers get away with the crew of the Danica White.

Yes, I did email the IMB websmaster, but he doesn’t exist either, his email address bounces, so I suppose he’s been fired, maybe because he couldn’t keep his links up to date, but it really doesn’t bode well.

I would point out that the IMB is a commercial organisation and contact and commerce go together.

Still, the weekly reports are good.

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