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We emailed Pesbo on August 28, 2007 regarding issues raised in the Valparaiso Star incident:

“The Bahamas Maritime Administration report raises questions regarding the self-righting ability of the boat, the water-tightness of the side-hatches and the design of the on-load release hook – in particular the visibility of the security brake.

Does Pesbo have a view about those concerns? “

The companies response is as follows:

“First of all sorry for late replay due to summer holidays.

REfer to the accident on the Valparaiso Star, pls note that we were not allowed to inspect the lifeboat after the accident and therefore we were unable to report on this matter.

Notwithstanding all PESBO lifeboats comply with the regulations and type approval at the time of delivery. Lack of maintenance, hull damages and others may change the lifeboat’s capabilities.”

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  2 Responses to “Pesbo response on lifeboats and LSA Code”

  1. Dear Bob,

    I am not surprised with this reply. I have analyzed most of L/B accidents since 1992 and submitted my detailed report to all the authorities world over. I have presented the cauise of these accidents also. Only a few acknowledged. That was it.
    While seafarers are rotting in jails for so called pollution crimes, L/B manufacturers like Nishi-F (Pacmonarch Incident) are free to prosper!
    Recent incident of Blue Marlin (in Malta) did not make even a news! You remember Sea Wind incident -the MMA Inspector is free as ever and may be working again. I tried to contact them several times but they had been just avoiding me.

    Capt. Ajay Tripathi

  2. Clarification:
    The Pacmonarch Incident killed three out of four seafarers in October 2000, Vancouver, when the lifeboat aft-hook failed. The TSB Canada report can be read here:

    In the August before the incident the same design of lifeboat, from Nishi-F, was involved in an incident in Australia involving a lifeboat aboard the Washington Trader. Fortunately no crew were aboard the lifeboat when it fell. That report can be found here:

    In the Blue Marlin incident in June 2006 a seafarer was killed went a lifeboat fell

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