Sep 102007

Good friends John Konrad of gCaptain and Robin Stormer of the Robin Storm blog are investigating the failure of an EPIRB aboard the Papa George which with two fatalities.

“I want to bring this story to everyone’s attention. We are currently investigating the possible second malfunction of a EPIRB (Emergency position indicating radio beacon) within the last four months. This time it appears that there has been two deaths associated with this incident. We cannot stress the importance of getting to the bottom of these potential malfunctions.

Those of you with blogs we ask that you refer to our by-line at and for details on your next postings. This warning must go out maritime wide.

Rob Stormer…..

As of this writing we cannot stress enough that all mariners must ensure thattheir EPIRBs
are not just in operational condition, that the registration matches the face plate on their EPIRBs,
but also that the registration actually matches the hexadecimal code in the NOAA  database.
Fred Fry of Fred Fry International asks us to also remind all mariners that its important to check
your EPIRB ona monthly basis.

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