Jun 252007


Sea transportation remains the most cost effective and environmentally friendly way of getting goods from one side of the world to the other, yet it comes with a cost – maritime incidents cost around $1 million a day. Not all incidents are disasters, not all make headlines, but in nearly every case human factors present the most significant element in the incident.

The objective of the Maritime Accident Casebook is to explore in an accessible way how and why such incidents happen and how they can be avoided. I hope seafarers will find them interesting, entertaining and educational and those who have an interest in maritime incidents will gain a deeper insight into the challenges facing today’s maritime industry.

Each Case File consists of an audio podcast you can listen to at your leisure. Edited, illustrated transcripts will be available on the Transcripts page of this blog with PDF versions for download together with links to official reports and other information of interest.

Except where otherwise indicated, the opinions expressed in the podcasts and on the transcripts are my own.

I hope you enjoy the case book.

Safe sailing.

Bob Couttie

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