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coronaseawaysOnce upon a time they were called ‘second-hand’ but today it’s fashionable to call them ‘pre-loved’ – old cars and trucks. Unfortunately they come with an increased risk of fire when being transported to their last resting place as the fire aboard the DFDS ro-ro ferry Corona Seaways.

At 0215 on 4 December 2013, a fire was discovered on the main deck of  Corona Seaways while the vessel was on passage from Fredericia to Copenhagen, Denmark. The crew mustered, closed the ventilation louvres, established boundary cooling and operated the fixed CO2 fire-extinguishing system.

Although smoke continued to escape from the louvres, steady temperatures in the vicinity of the fire indicated that the CO2 had been effective in controlling it. At 0640, the vessel entered the Swedish port of Helsingborg, where assistance was provided
by the local Fire and Rescue Service.

The vessel suffered light structural damage and the loss of some minor electrical supplies. Three vehicles and six trailers were severely fire-damaged and other vehicles suffered minor radiant heat damage. The fire was caused by an electrical
defect on one of the vehicles’ engine starting system.

A Renault Premium 250.18 truck had been driven about 240km before arriving at Fredericia and then onto the vessel. Neither the drivers nor stevedores reported any mechanical, electrical or instrumentation issues. However, the truck had not been driven for the previous 11 months and there was no evidence that any checks had been carried out to prove its roadworthiness or general safety, including the integrity of its electrical and mechanical systems.

Existing damage to a battery cable meant that even though the vehicle was parked with the key in the ignition in the Stop/Park position an electrical short, with resultant heating, could still occur, as seems to have happened in this case.

MAIB’s report on the incident says: “The carriage of used vehicles and equipment that do not have appropriate road worthiness certification and whose history and condition are unknown,  brings increased risks when compared with the carriage of well maintained vehicles that are in regular use“.

Although DFDS has fire risk control systems in place that might have prevented such a vehicle fire these oly applied to dedicated car transporters not to ro-ro ferries. Says MAIB: “Contrary to the spirit of the MCA’s Code of Practice and the master’s ‘Unsafe Cargo’  notice, there was no evidence that the vessel’s crew carried out vehicle safety  checks. Neither the SSMM nor the onboard risk assessments covered the carriage of used vehicles and equipment”.

MAIB also noted: Injection of CO2 into the main deck was delayed, allowing the fire to develop, because it took time to establish the fitter’s whereabouts during the crew muster.  The reason why the CO2 fire-extinguishing system apparently failed to discharge the   allotted quantity of CO2 as designed remains unexplained.  The main deck ventilation louvres were not fully closed and some of the crew were   unaware how to correctly operate them. This allowed air (oxygen) to feed the fire and potentially affected the CO2 concentration levels needed to extinguish the fire.  The cargo deck ventilation fans were not operated as required by the current regulations. This increased the fire risk due to the potential build-up of flammable
vapours from vehicles.

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Three dead following POSH vessel sinking

Singapore: Three men died when a Singapore-registered barge sank two nautical miles off Batam, on Friday night, the Maritime and Port Authority of

Ferry Sinking: Fugitive Billionaire ‘Found Dead’

The captain and 14 crew members are currently on trial for murder after the ship sank on a trip from the port on Incheon to the holiday island of Jeju on

Italy rescues 1800 migrants over weekend, five bodies recovered

A merchant ship rescued 61 migrants and collected five bodies from a sinking rubber raft late on Sunday after its position was signaled by the navy

Car deck collapses on ferry

Dramatic photo shows one side of the ferry car deck collapsed, loaded with cars.

A car deck loaded with cars on one side of the Wightlink ferry has collapsed at Fishbourne this evening.

The ambulance service called the fire brigade at 22:28 this evening.

Lifeboat helps to save 70-ton hospitality ship

The Kommandoren lost power in the Firth of Lorne at around 6pm last night and the Oban lifeboat was launched. The boat, which is used as a

Expanded Panama Canal Fundamentally Flawed Says Veteran Ship Pilot

Captain Jose Claus, a Panama Canal pilot with 22-years of experience guiding ships along this vital passage, strongly believes the locks for the new Panama Canal have a fundamental design flaw that may have extraordinarily far-reaching and highly negative implications

Moon Saves the Day After Coal Carrier Runs Aground Off Canada

Even with a significant list, the gravitational forces exerted by the moon, raised the water level in the area, enabling the ship to be refloated early this morning,

Fire-ravaged MSC Flaminia returns as an eco-ship

MSC Flaminia, which in September 2012 suffered a crippling fire claiming the lives of three crewmen, has been refitted as an eco-ship and re-entered

Millions of Lego pieces swept from cargo ship in 1997 still washing up on South West beaches

Millions of Lego pieces swept off a cargo ship 17 years ago are still washing … They included various nautical packs, including pirates and deep sea ..

2013 Cargo Ship Fire Investigation Released

The MAIB’s investigation of an accommodation fire on a United Kingdom registered general cargo ship on passage from Gibraltar to Belfast has been

Jul 182014

320px-Melkøya-2006Norway’s Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) has ordered Statoil Petroleum AS to why the company ignored a decision by the PSA that its camp at Melkøya, Finnmark, Norway, should not be used during planned shutdowns at Hammerfest LNG. The order is legally binding.

On 20 February 2013, Statoil received consent to use the accommodation camp in connection with planned shutdowns at Hammerfest LNG at Melkøya, once the facility had been shut down and depressurised. The consent applies up to 31 December 2017. In December 2013, Statoil applied for consent to also use the accommodation camp during the decommissioning and recommissioning period in connection with the planned shutdown in May/June 2014, when the facility was not depressurised. The application was rejected by the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway in a decision of 6 February 2014. Continue reading »

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Ship fire at Tilbury docks

Crews arriving at the scene at about 2.45pm reported that a JCB was well alight inside the 20,000 tonne ship and close to a cargo of wood chippings.

2 killed, 18 missing in boat accident in Malaysia

An official from the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency said that the boat sank on Monday when patrolling vessels were pursuing it off the state of …

Mumbai: Coast Guard Rescues 11 Members from Merchant Ship

The agency received a distress call at around noon about grounding of a ship after which it launched a helicopter and a ship for the rescue operation

Six people were injured as a pleasure cruiser dramatically collided with a barge on the Thames

Passengers on the City Cruises Millennium Time vessel were transferred to another ship after the crash, which left the cruiser’s bow badly damaged.

Gamblers being evacuated from stranded casino boat

The Coast Guard began evacuating passengers and crew from a casino ship that ran aground in South Carolina’s Calibogue Sound. By Frances

Condor Ferries disruption continues after grounding

A Condor Ferries ship is unlikely to return to service until July 26 at the earliest after it struck the seabed off Guernsey on Monday. Commodore Clipper

Sinking vessel rescued from high seas in Hauraki Gulf

Four people have been rescued near Little Barrier Island in the Hauraki Gulf after their cataraman began taking on water in high seas. The Coastguard

Condor Ferries disruption continues after grounding

A Condor Ferries ship is unlikely to return to service until July 26 at the earliest after it struck the seabed off Guernsey on Monday. Commodore Clipper

Prince Rupert tanker grounding highlights risk of oil spill, critics warn

The grounding of a bulk carrier ship near Prince Rupert this week highlights the grave risk of an oil spill if tanker traffic is allowed to increase

Senior Coast Guard official probed over alleged graft

INCHEON, July 16 (Yonhap) — A ranking Cost Guard official with suspected ties to the sunken ferry Sewol operator is under investigation over his

Four Navy officers facing action for warship-boat collision

Four Navy officers facing action for warship-boat collision … of Inquiry for collision between warship INS Talwar and a fishing vessel in December last ..

Three Kenyan Crew Members Missing After Ship Hijacked Off Somali Coast

Three Kenyans are still missing after their merchant ship was reportedly hijacked by pirates off the coast of Somalia, Kenya’s Daily Nation reported

China Joins Counter-Piracy Part of Hawaii Drills

China has been boarding ships looking for mock pirates and contraband as it joins the world’s largest maritime exercises for the first time

MAIB Annual Report

Annual Report 2013 and responses to recommendations made by the MAIB was published.

Tyrusland report

fatality of an able seaman on board the ro-ro cargo ship Tyrusland in Tripoli, Libya on 15 May 2013.

Celtic Carrier report

fire on board Celtic Carrier 24 miles west of Cape Trafalgar, Spain on 26 April 2013.

Kinghorn lifeboat comes to aid of injured crew member on cargo ship

He was taken on board the lifeboat and taken to Kinghorn where he was transferred to a waiting ambulance to be taken to hospital for treatment.
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Three hurt in ship fire

Fire crews flooded the engine room with halon gas and sealed the hatch, while two tugboats were used to stabilise the 24-year-old ship

Seven passengers have been injured in an accident in the Port of Kloster on the island Hiddensee. The MV “Insel Hiddensee” on Friday hit against the quay at Kloster, as the water police in Stralsund announced on Saturday. Doctors and paramedics provided the injured passengers on site.

Coast Guard rescues 4 from sinking ship

The U.S. Coast Guard rescued four people from a sinking ship near Sanibel Island Sunday morning. Officials said they had to rescue two adults and

Refloating the Costa Concordia – Day 1 Time-Lapse

On July 14, 2014, the Costa Concordia shipwreck was partially refloated by two meters from the artificial seabed on which it rested and moved approximately 30 meters to the east. Like with the parbuckling, today’s partial refloating happened so slowly that by watching the live streams it was tough to tell if anything was happening at all. Lucky for us though these time-lapses provide some pretty visual evidence that the cruise ship is no longer resting on the shores of Giglio.

FGS Berlin Joins EU Naval Force

EU Naval Force welcomed a new ship to its counter-piracy Task Force – the German Navy replenishment ship

Hartlepool’s lifeboat called to help stricken vessel

HARTLEPOOL’S lifeboat was launched to help a stricken vessel which ran into trouble not far from the town’s marina. The town’s RNLI volunteers were


Jul 142014
epirbgmeStandard Communications Pty Ltd is recalling certain GME brand EPIRB units manufactured between January 2005 and February 2008. In some units a fault in the microprocessor may shut down the beacon and it may not work when required.
The affected units are the MT400, MT401 and MT403 beacons with serial numbers between 50101000 and 80250722. The serial number can be found on the left side of the beacon at the base of the identity panel.

Contact GME at recall@gme.net.au or your local distributor to arrange a replacement of your beacon at no extra charge.


Jul 142014

Failure occurred because a small drive belt that connected the console throttle lever components to an electrical potentiometer failed

Little things, sometimes not included in routine maintenance, can cause big problems warns the US Coast Guard in a Safety Alert. A  worn drive belt and loose nuts that went unnoticed are among the example that led to close calls that could easily have become casualties.

One example concerns a two-decades-old bulker which was leaving port when its main engine throttle failed. It managed to drop anchor without incident.

It happened because a small drive belt that connected the console throttle lever components to an electrical potentiometer failed. Movement of the throttle causes the potentiometer to move and creates a variable signal to other controls which manage engine speed. When the belt failed the control from the engine room console was lost. Fortunately, the vessel had a spare belt that the engineers replaced quickly.

The underside of the Bosch/Rexroth throttle was encased and the belt was not visible under normal circumstances. It was not routinely inspected.

Continue reading »

Jul 142014

helicopterAfter studying five helicopter accidents in the North Sea over four years the UK Parliament’s Transport Committee has called for a full pubic enquiry into whether commercial pressures are putting offshore workers at risk. It also criticised ‘regulatory inertia’ on the part of the European Aviation Safety Agency. EASA.

Says the Transport committee: “A full, independent, public inquiry must be convened to address whether commercial pressure from oil and gas companies affects the safety of offshore helicopter operations. This inquiry must also examine the role of the Civil Aviation Authority”.

On 23 August 2013, a helicopter crashed into the sea while on approach to Sumburgh Airport on Shetland. Four passengers were killed. This crash prompted the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) to undertake a wide-ranging review into offshore helicopter safety which reported in February. Continue reading »

Jul 142014


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Cargo ship runs aground off St. Thomas

The Sabre Spirit, a 190-foot cargo freighter, is moored in Crown Bay on Friday after it ran aground and was later refloated with the rising tide between …

Dutch Captain Found Drunk at Helm

The Dutch captain of the general cargo vessel Simon B was arrested last Thursday for drunken sailing in Aalborg, Denmark. Suspicions were aroused when he sailed past his designated berth and eventually collided with the dock.

Serious injury of a crew member on board Julia N at Port Hedland, WA on 28 June 2014During the retrieval of the tug’s tow line from the ship, a ship’s crew member’s leg was caught in the messenger line, attached to the main tow line, and he was seriously injured.

Chaos in Passenger ship after engine trouble

On July 8, 2014, the “Oslofjord” suffered a failure of one of the two main engines on the Sandefjord-Strømstad trip. The scheduled 1 p.m. sailing had to be canceled, More than 600 passengers were affected by the cancellation. The ferry docked with the one remaining engine, was

Disabled cargo ship towed to safety

The “Ana” suffered a mechanical problem and got disabled in heavy seas in East China sea on July 7, 2014,north of the Taiwan Strait, odin.tc reports. The vessel, which was en route from Zhoushan to

Paris MOU 2013 Annual Report Issued

Although it was anticipated that the number of banned ships would rise, an increase of 87% (from 15 in 2012) compared to last year was not anticipated. Multiple detentions was the most common reason for banning in 2013. With 1,188 inspections and 154 detentions the ships flying a “black listed flag“ score a detention rate of 12.96%. For ships flying a “grey listed flag” the detention rate is 7.64% (851 inspections, 65 detentions) and ships flying a “white listed flag” 2.82% (15,551 inspections and 439 detentions).